Building Green

Building green houses is a combination of art and science. We’ve been building them for more than a decade. We don’t build any other kind of homes because we believe in sustainability and take our responsibility to preserve the beauty and environment of New Mexico seriously.

While many builders claim to build green, its not that simple. There’s a lot to it and you have to know what you’re doing. We’re certified by the Build Green New Mexico alliance. All of our homes are certified by Build Green and our staff, subcontractors and sales people have all been trained on green building principles.

When you are considering building a green house you should think about the following factors:

  1. Air quality – Indoor air quality is important and so green building should start with how to clean the air in the home. Proper systems and filtration are essential to ensuring that the air you’ll be breathing is properly conditioned.
  2. The envelope – A tight building envelope is the key to a truly efficient house. Foam or blown in insulation is an important part of creating the tight envelope and ensuring that your house conserves energy efficiently.
  3. Mechanical equipment – Mechanical equipment should be of the highest efficiency and quality. It’s important to use only well trusted quality brands.

Green building or energy efficient building doesn’t mean you have to compromise your life style. You should still be comfortable in your home and if its designed correctly using green principles you will be.

For more information on green building I’d encourage you to visit the Build Green organization site ( They have a lot of useful information that you should consider as you plan your home.